My name is William J. Rader, and I am a specialized health guru, health coach, life coach and I dedicate my time and my life to teach people about healthy diets, foods, and healthy living. I started when I was young, fresh out of college, and since then I have been successful in my mission, which was to help people change their lives for the better. If you also want to lead a healthy life full of joy and happiness, then I am here for you with all my knowledge and will, all you need is the strength to respect your wish till the end.

Best way to stay healthy

There are thousands of methods on how you can stay healthy but we consider these four to be the main ones:

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Find time to exercise

Exorcizing is the best way to keep your body healthy and fit. Find at least 30 minutes three times a day for exercise.

Eat a balanced diet

Never focus your diet only on things you love, you also have to eat things that your body needs, no matter if you love it or not.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping is a needed action for your body to regenerate. Never neglect sleep as it will backfire on you.

Socialize enough

Peoples physical health is also a reflection of their mental health. Don’t neglect your contact with other people as this can harm your mental health and therefore your physical health in return.

Healthy diet

Usually, when people talk about a healthy diet they talk about eating enough vegetables and removing sugar and carbs as your main sources of calories. While this is good it’s important to know that the body needs more than one nutrition and that usually, it’s not healthy to cut out anything from your diet as it will result in drastic changes. While we will go into deeper description on what is a healthy diet in our blog posts, we also want to point out that to have a healthy body the first most important factors is to have a well-balanced diet for your body type, but you should also not forget exercise.

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